The workshop has finished, but we expect this to be an ongoing effort, so get in touch with the organisers, or keep an eye on this site for future developments.

Looking forward, we envisage a variety of different roles, including, but not limited to:

  • source – those bringing or having access to documentation, artefacts or personal memories, either directly or through their institutions or contact networks
  • historian – those interested in understanding the history of HCI, either HCI people wanting to use this to understand their own past and future, or historians interested in the history of technology
  • futurologist – those seeking to foresee upcoming trends and directions based on past experiences
  • designer/developer – those interested in the tools and techniques for eliciting, preserving, study and use of this kind of material
  • disseminator – those willing help report and curate the outcomes, and any potential resources which emerge from the workshop