History of HCI 2020


Position papers presented at HHCI

.:thePooch:., BigDog Interactive and the history of Digital Live Art

From Jennifer Sheridan, Simon Lock, Peter Phillips and Stewart Kember

A life and times in HCI

From Dianne Murray

Agile Design and Architectures

From Ernest Edmonds

Creativity Support

From Ernest Edmonds

EUD from a Historical Perspective as Cause to Redefine it in Today's Landscape

From Nikolaos Batalas, Vassilis-Javed Khan and Panos Markopoulos

HCI - a Lifelong Experience

From Gerrit Van Der Veer

History of HCI

From Karmen Guevara

The HUSAT Research Institute and Human-Computer Interaction

From Ken Eason, Martin Maguire, Val Mitchell and Alan Dix