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Submissions – Doctoral Consortium BCS HCI 2020


Please submit your proposal through the BCS HCI 2020 EasyChair submission system – on the “Select a Track” page choose the option “BCS HCI 2020 Doctoral Symposium (6th July)”. 

Submission deadline: Monday 15th June 2020 (midnight)

Your submission should be 4 pages (+references) and should include the following:

  • Your topic and your motivations for pursuing it
  • Your current stage in your PhD programme
  • Why you believe that attendance at the DC will benefit you
  • How you feel you could contribute to the other participants
  • Useful resources and open questions

This should be structured as outlined below.

Selection will be based on creating a diverse group of participants at different stages of their work, who can learn from each other and the expert panel.  Do not feel you have to oversell your work: be honest about successes, problems and experiences.

We will also ask you to create some materials to help promote your work on social media and other ways. This will include a short video/podcast (or similar) and a twitter-length summary of your PhD (yes 3 years work in twenty words), but you don’t need to worry about this for your submission; we will help you create these either in a pre-DC session or at the Doctoral Consortium itself.

Structure of submission

A about your research (2 pages + references)
(public: will be published on DC website)

  • include 100 word abstract
  • keywords
  • describe your research area
  • references do not count towards the 2 page limit
  • see additional guidance about writing good abstract, etc.

B why you are applying for the DC (1 page)
(only read by selection committee and other participants)

  • where you are in your research journey (e.g. final year of full time PhD, 3 years into part-time PhD expecting to complete in a further 2 years)
  • how you got there (e.g. straight from undergraduate degree, came back into academia after 7 years in industry)
  • why you hope to benefit from the doctoral consortium (e.g. expert help, connecting with others at similar stage)
  • what you hope to be able to offer to others (don’t fret too much about this especially if you are early on, but do try to think about this as a two way process)
  • greatest successes to date and any barriers to progress

C useful resources and open questions (1 page)
(public: will be used to help shape the event)

  • what resources have helped you so far? (2 or 3 resources, but feel free to include links to longer list)  This might be books, articles, podcasts, etc.  Try to think of one that is more general to PhD students within HCI broadly and one more specific to your topic area.
  • what questions do you have for established experts in HCI? (2 or 3 questions)  Again try to think of one question that relates to HCI research broadly and one more specific to your topic area.