Media kit

When you have an event or project it is worth curating logos and other materials to make it easy to promote on social media or to include in paper publications. This might be something you keep within your project team, but maybe worth adding as a form of ‘press kit’ or ‘media kit’ on your external facing web presence in order to make it easy for others to talk about your work.


Here are some logos for the Doctoral Consortium with different aspect ratios, as different size are useful for different kinds of social media.

It is worth preparing images in a variety of aspect rations as some social media channels will crop your image if it is not one of their preferred sizes. You might also need to prepare lower resolution versions if the file size exceeds maximum for the channel, but where possible it is usually best to upload the largest as most will scale down and a higher resolution image may be used for retina displays.

Wide logo, nearly 2:1 ratio, useful for full page width.
Logo 16:9 – wide-screen format image
Logo 4:3 rato
Square logo (1:1 aspect ratio).