DIS 2023

Scent InContext: Design and Development around Smell in Public and Private Spaces

A workshop at DIS 2023, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Monday 10th July.

Please submit your position papers at the link below!

Scent based interactions have been evaluated within a number of research settings, from Virtual Reality (VR) to art galleries to city centres. Olfactory technology is reaching new advances with the ability to incorporate it more readily into a variety of environments, e.g. classrooms. However, there is little knowledge on the code of practice for using these olfactory devices. Within this workshop we aim to gather a multidisciplinary group of researchers to co-create a set of recommendations for the incorporation of olfactory devices into everyday life. In particular, we will focus on the use of scent within three contexts; Public, Private and Digital.

We (Meet the Team) are hosting a workshop aiming to reflect on three primary themes: olfactory integration into a variety of environments; olfactory devices for social change/benefits; and code of practice for alternate modalities. Scent InContext will be a one day, hybrid workshop to be held at DIS 2023.

We invite researchers, designers and practitioners from academia and industry to submit a short position paper, pictorial or demonstration paper (maximum 4 pages) in ACM format, focusing on one of the three themes:

  • Olfactory integration into a variety of environments
  • Olfactory devices for social change/benefits
  • Code of practice for alternate modalities

We are hosting a workshop aiming to support the design and development of olfactory devices within Public and Private spaces. The workshop will combine presentations, hands-on practical experiences (in person and online), demonstrations and group discussions.

User Experience is not simply about text, so we invite participants to use the formats creatively. Submissions will be evaluated based on fit, ability to stimulate discussion, and contribution to ongoing developments. All accepted position papers will be hosted and maintained on the Smell InContext website. Following DIS Guidelines all participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the conference.

Please submit your submissions to EasyChair by 28th May 2023 (5pm BST) using the following link:


Review notifications will be given by 31st May 2023.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Anna Carter at a.r.l.carter@swansea.ac.uk

Proposed Schedule:

9am-9:30am Introduction & Welcome

9:30am-10am Demonstration of Olfactory Devices

10am-10:30am Break

10:30am-11:30am Olfactory Interaction in Public Spaces

11:30am-12pm Olfactory devices for social change

12pm-1pm Break for Lunch

1pm-2pm Olfactory Interaction in Private Spaces

2pm – 3pm Olfactory XR Spaces

3pm-3:30pm Break

3pm-3:30pm Olfactory Design Moving Forward

4pm-4:30pm Olfactory Speculation

4:30pm-5pm Reflections & Wrap-Up

5pm-Late Dinner and Further Discussions