Making sense of Statistics in HCI

Alan Dix

HCI Statistics Course 2017

These online materials were produced following a short course I delivered on "Making sense of Statistics in HCI" at CHI 2017, which itself drew on earlier statistics courses from the late 1990s on. This material has also formed the basis for my recent Morgan & Claypool book "Statistics for HCI: Making Sense of Quantitative Data".

I'm sharing these materials in this form now to make it easier for those wanting to make use of videos and other material during the Covid-19 pandemic when many universities and students are turning to online materials. Over the coming months I will try to update this material and add to it. If there are particular areas you'd like me to prioritise, perhaps chapters of the HCI book you find hard to teach, etc., please let me know.

During this period I'll be adding more material relating to "Statistics for HCI: Making Sense of Quantitative Data", and a new edition AI book that is under preparation "An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: humans at the heart of algorithms" the first edition of which is currently available as a FREE download.

As well as new material, I also hope to create some tools to make it easier to embed fragments of these videos in your own teaching resources – watch this space!

Videos and blogs following CHI 2017 Course: Making Sense of Statistics in HCI: From P to Bayes and Beyond